Monday, September 30, 2013

Tractor Toddler Backpack

This little guy is heading onto a plane and flying all the way to Australia. This is the first tractor design that I have ever done and I can't wait to see little H wearing his new backpack.

The tractor on the left was my first design but H's mom and I both liked design #2 better.

A lot of thought goes into the design process - my rough sketches are just the beginning.  Once I get approval on the design, I then make the lines a little straighter, the wheels become rounder, and work towards a final design.

Then we play around with it in colour to make sure it still looks good.

Whenever it's a "first", I spend a little bit more time asking questions

Once I have approval, I begin sewing

At the final checkpoint, if Mom says "go!", then I sew the rest of the backpack together to get this:

It has two pockets on each side and a pocket on the inside.  This time the lining is a solid brown with dark brown piping.

Quilted bottom (or "bum" as my little one likes to call it)

And here's the back view

And it's a wrap!  Off to work on a new design... this time, it's an animal.

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